Innocent Until Proven Guilty.

Criminal Defense Services In California

The California criminal justice system is as flawed as any across the country. It has its biases and its weaknesses. Every day innocent people face charges that can ruin their lives. Anyone facing a criminal matter should have the defense of a skilled, compassionate attorney.

Attorney Kacey McBroom, of Arrested in Cali, has built a career as a staunch, reliable advocate for people facing criminal charges from DUIs up to kidnapping. She draws a great deal of strength from her knowledge of the law and her belief in protecting her clients’ rights. She has fought for the freedom and future of people across the Beverly Hills area, and she can help you through such charges as:

White Collar Crimes

From fraud to embezzlement and many other crimes focusing on money, people rarely sympathize with those accused of white collar crimes. A person charged with defrauding people is often a public target for many kinds of aggressive attention. In many cases, they face not just state charges but also federal ones.

Sex Crimes

Sex crimes such as sexual assault, rape or child pornography are among the most dreadful accusations a person can face. It does not take a conviction to destroy a person’s good name, just an allegation and an article. These charges require an aggressive, confidential defense.

Domestic Violence

Having a personal matter go public in the form of a domestic violence charge is a worst-case scenario. These are complicated, messy charges where the crime can live between perspectives. They are stressful to everyone involved, but you do not have to face them alone.

Violent Crimes

Facing a violent crime charge means facing the most severe penalties under California law. A lifetime of prison, significant fines, loss of certain rights, and – in the case of capital murder – possible death penalty charges are all possible. It is not an overstatement to say that a violent criminal conviction is a threat to your life.

Drug Crimes

California – and the federal government – aggressively pursue drug crimes seriously. While often people pursued for drug charges are victims of circumstance, the law hardly ever accounts for that. For this reason, you should have as strong a defense as you possibly can get.

Theft Crimes

Theft and burglary can be relatively less severe than other charges but in no way minor. These charges can significantly affect your future and freedom. You deserve as strong a defense as possible.

Comprehensive Criminal Defense

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