Innocent Until Proven Guilty.

Protect Yourself When Facing Domestic Violence Charges

It is important to say as little as possible to arresting officers and prosecutors. What you may need most is the services of a skilled defense attorney who can aggressively protect your rights and freedom.

At Arrested in Cali, attorney Kacey McBroom has built a reputation for strong, professional defense of clients across Beverly Hills. She can explain the difficulties of the road ahead to you and build a trial-tested defense strategy to protect your rights.

How California Defines Domestic Abuse

California law makes it a crime to use physical force or threaten harm against an intimate partner. This is charged as domestic violence. These can include a current or former spouse or partner, whether in a heterosexual, homosexual or polyamorous context. Other domestic relationships – including those with a child or caregiver – can rise to domestic violence in the form of child abuse, child endangerment or battery.

The Penalties For Domestic Abuse

Penalties for domestic violence depend on the seriousness of the accuser’s injuries and the nature of the defendant’s prior criminal record. For a misdemeanor conviction, a minimum of 10-30 days in jail and fines are common, as is the requirement to attend a 52 batters’ treatment class and the imposition of a restraining/protective order. A felony conviction may result in a prison sentence of two, three or four years plus fines.

Standard defenses are available here too (lack of evidence, lack of intent and false accusations) but specifically, a common defense is that the defendant did not initiate the contact but was in fact acting in self-defense or engaged in mutual combat.

What To Look For In Your Attorney

A qualified defense attorney’s most important job is to make sure that the defendant and his family navigate this difficult and intensely personal process as smoothly as possible. Hiring someone who has extensive experience in the area of domestic violence law and knows how to best position your defense is key.

Kacey McBroom is here to help you through this time. Reach out to her office by calling 310-775-2698 or sending an email.


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