Innocent Until Proven Guilty.

Arrested in Cali Protects Your Rights Against Violent Crime Charges

California is in a league of its own for imposing harsh penalties for violent offenses. With steep penalties, and extremely aggressive prosecution, you must turn to an attorney you can trust to protect yourself.

Attorney Kacey McBroom, of Arrested in Cali, has the experience to meet any criminal charge head on, and fight for the rights of her clients from across the Beverly Hills area. She provides a calm, direct strength in the face of extremely painful penalties.

How Harsh Are The Penalties For Violent Crimes

The violent crime category includes crimes that might not typically be viewed as violent in general terms but are treated as such under the law – like arson and kidnapping – and can include the planning or collaboration in a crime, including weapons charges or conspiracy.

If you are being charged with a violent crime, it is important to understand how specific penal code sections apply to the activity alleged and what defenses are likely to help you most. An experienced criminal defense attorney who can advise you free of judgment and with your best interests in mind is very important, as penalties for violent offenses can range from probation to the death penalty, depending on the extent of injury or if actions resulted in death.

Learn How Arrested in Cali Can Protect Your Future

Facing a violent charge places your freedom in jeopardy. Even so, you have rights and you deserve to get a vigorous, comprehensive defense. Schedule a meeting with attorney Kacey McBroom by calling 310-775-2698 or send an email.


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