Innocent Until Proven Guilty.

What Does A Strong Defense Take?

When you face criminal charges, you want a strong criminal defense. It’s that simple. However, most people do not understand what goes into building a “good” case. The truth is, your defense must be personalized to you and take advantage of every opportunity.

At Arrested in Cali, attorney Katherine “Kacey” McBroom offers clients across Beverly Hills a completely devoted criminal defense. She provides professional, uncompromising legal representation to clients facing any criminal charge. Her calm resolve and trial-tested skills as a lawyer offer her clients a great deal of hope.

Compassionate Client Service

Each client gets attorney McBroom’s complete attention from start to finish. She understands that many of her clients – despite their resources – face a significant uphill battle because of systemic matters beyond their control. She advocates strongly to ensure you get a fair trial.

Kacey McBroom listens to you. She makes every effort to understand what you have gone through and explain what is ahead. She cares about what you care about and fights for you as hard as possible.

Strategic Legal Thinking

With her years focusing on criminal matters, she knows how to approach a given charge. Her total understanding of California and federal criminal law means she can quickly provide a thoughtful legal strategy.

However, a speedy strategy is one thing, but her work has been tested in the courtroom. Her work for her clients has provided a great deal of relief to the people who need it most.

Respected Resolve

While many criminal law attorneys may rely on flashy, grandiose tactics, Katherine McBroom’s strength is more secure. Her comprehensive legal knowledge offers her the confidence to meet any legal challenge with strength. Her poise has earned the admiration of both colleagues and clients.

The charges facing you are significant, but with Arrested in Cali, she will not give in to pressure. She will fight to make the state prove its burden of evidence.

Contact Arrested in Cali For A Consultation

Whatever your charges, attorney Katherine McBroom can provide you with a skilled defense. You are not alone. Call 310-775-2698 or send an email to learn about your options.