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As reported in December 13th, 2023 on Victor Valley News Group, A former custodian at Maple Elementary School was acquitted by a jury on all counts following accusations of child sexual abuse that caused him to spend several years in custody.

As reported in December 13th, 2023 on KTLA, A man who worked as a school janitor and was accused of molesting multiple students has been released from custody after he was acquitted on all charges.

As reported in December 13th, 2023 on The Sun, A jury has acquitted a former Southern California elementary school janitor who spent years in jail after being accused of sexually abusing students, his attorneys announced Tuesday.

Pedro Martinez was wrongly accused of serially raping several children over a prolonged period in 2019. The assaults, simply put, could not have happened. Mr. Martinez, the school janitor with no criminal history (who never had even much as a parking ticket) was 100% factually innocent.

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